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NWF.242/February 7, 2008
Cold Ocean Means More Salmon

Ocean temperatures off the Northwest Coast have remained below normal and may stay that way for the rest of the year, judging from the continued cooling of waters near the equator, The Climate Impacts Group (CIG) from the University of Washington reported last week. ...more

BPA May Shell Out Tens Of Millions More For BiOp Support

BPA has slammed the door on a request by the Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Authority to pony up another $28 million to fund aspects of the region's fish and wildlife program that CBFWA said was seriously underfunded. But that may be chump change compared to the terms being negotiated by the power agency with lower Columbia tribes and the state of Oregon to gain their support for the next hydro BiOp. ...more

Judge Grants May Extension For Completion Of Hydro BiOp

BiOp Judge James Redden ruled Jan. 29 that NOAA Fisheries will get more time to complete its biological opinion on the operation of federal dams on the Columbia and lower Snake rivers. The new deadline is May 5. ...more

Northwest Fish Experts Debunk Controversial Sea Lice Study

A group of Northwest fisheries experts say that wild Canadian pink salmon runs are not in any danger of extinction from sea lice infections picked up at British Columbia salmon farms during their juvenile migration, contrary to findings in a recent article (Krkosek et al).published last December in the weekly journal Science. ...more

Power Council Elects New Chair, Gets New Member

Idaho member Bill Booth, a relative newcomer to the Northwest Power and Conservation Council, has been elected to chair the council for the coming year, succeeding Tom Karier of Washington. Booth, of Coeur d'Alene, was appointed to the council in January 2007 by Idaho Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter. ...more

Feds Put Oregon Coho Back On ESA List

NOAA Fisheries announced Feb. 4 that it was once again listing Oregon coastal coho for protection under the Endangered Species Act. ...more

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