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NWF.241/January 18, 2008
BiOp Plaintiffs Agree To Last Year's Hydro Operations

In a Jan. 11 letter to Judge James Redden, Earthjustice attorney Todd True said his clients will not pursue injunctive relief to change dam operations in 2008 if 2007 operations are continued this coming year. ...more

Future Harvest Regime May Nab More Listed Steelhead

Earlier this month, the region got a few glimpses of what's likely in store for the future of Columbia River fisheries. It's a process called abundance-based management That would allow more salmon and steelhead to be caught, including ESA-listed stocks such as wild B-run steelhead, when more of them are returning to their native streams. ...more

BiOp Critics Ignore Science Board Findings

NOAA Fisheries has been on the receiving end on hundreds of pages of comments on its forthcoming salmon plan and they must now respond. But it's not like they weren't asking for it. ...more

The Case Of The Vanishing Fall Chinook

Some adult fall chinook on their way back to Idaho seem to be disappearing, leading a coalition of Columbia River users involved with the BiOp to call on NOAA Fisheries to investigate "some new and alarming statistics for which there are currently no answers." ...more

Latest Water Supply Forecast: 95 Percent Of Average At The Dalles

The Jan. 8 water supply forecast from the National Weather Service's Northwest River Forecast Center has pegged the January-to-July water supply at about 95 percent of average at The Dalles and 98 percent at Grand Coulee. ...more

NOAA Fisheries Wants Comment On Sea Lion Assessment

NOAA Fisheries announced Jan. 17 it is soliciting public comment on four potential alternatives to reduce marine mammal predation on ESA-listed salmon and steelhead below Bonneville Dam. ...more

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