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NWF.240/December 20, 2007
Feds Come Out Swinging In Support Of New BiOp

The best available lawyers from environmental groups argued with the best available lawyers from the Department of Justice last week over just what the feds call the "best available science" in the next hydro BiOp, now scheduled to be finalized March 18. ...more

Enviro Groups Promise More Litigation Over Future Dam Operations

Judging from comments filed in federal District Court in Oregon before last week's status conference, the collaborative effort to produce a new hydro BiOp may be on its last legs. The parties seemed more cordial in court, and more collaborative than they really may be, according to some participants, who suggested that the long-term agreements between Action Agencies and the individual state of Oregon and some tribes are far from being settled. ...more

Harvest Managers Predict Huge Spring Chinook Run

Columbia Basin harvest managers project next year's spring chinook run could be the third largest to return to Bonneville Dam since the project was completed in 1938. ...more

Latest Research Strongly Supports Fish Barging Effort

Barging wild spring chinook from Lower Granite Dam was about 500 percent more effective than leaving the fish in the river, according to federal scientists who added up adult salmon survivals from the 2004 outmigration. ...more

Fish Passage Center Tries End Run Around Science Panel

After two science panels recommended that the Fish Passage Center stop PIT-tagging downriver stocks in its controversial 10-year-old Comparative Survival Study, the FPC is looking to fund the efforts by moving them to another project administered by the Center--its smolt monitoring program. ...more

Washington Pens New Water Agreement With Tribes

Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire announced this week that two Upper Columbia tribes have agreed to release water from Lake Roosevelt to help farmers who have had to rely on the Odessa aquifer for their pumping needs for 10,000 acres of cropland. ...more

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