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NWF.237/October 11, 2007
Draft Hydro BiOp Nearly Ready For Prime Time

The draft hydro BiOp being written by NOAA Fisheries was expected to be circulating among federal action agency staffers by last Friday, according to sources familiar with the situation. Details were sketchy and BPA was reportedly still in talks with some states and tribes over possibly adding more items to its latest plan for recovering ESA-listed salmon and steelhead throughout the Columbia Basin. ...more

Upper Columbia Recovery Plan Finally Finished

The federal government has finally completed its recovery plan for upper Columbia spring chinook, steelhead, and bull trout, with just as much uncertainty and twice the price tag of a draft proposal released last year. Last year's admittedly lowball cost-estimate of $154 million (including hatchery costs) for the next 10 years has been increased to $296 million (excluding hatchery costs) for all recovery-related spending by all agencies, including tribes, local, state and the federal government. ...more

Judge Gives NMFS 60 Days To Finalize Oregon Coho Listing

Oregon District Court judge Garr king has upheld the July recommendation of federal magistrate Janice Stewart that found fault with the NOAA Fisheries decision not to list Oregon coastal coho for protection under the ESA. On Oct. 9, Judge King gave the agency 60 days to review the coho ESU's status and make a new decision. ...more

New Study Says Hatchery Steelhead Fitness Shows Rapid Decline In Wild

An article published in last week's Science has raised more questions about the value of using hatchery fish to boost wild fish runs. By studying several generations of steelhead that returned to Oregon's Hood River, the researchers from Oregon State University found that the fitness of hatchery steelhead that spawn in the wild is reduced significantly. ...more

Enviro Groups Target Report Language On Upper Snake BiOp

More than a dozen environmental and fishing groups have enlisted the help of Washington Sen. Maria Cantwell to remove language in an appropriations bill they say "could threaten ongoing salmon recovery efforts while delaying real solutions to the Pacific Northwest's salmon crisis." ...more

Snake Fall Chinook Run Holds Its Own

Compared to other Columbia River fall chinook runs that are coming in much smaller than predicted, the Snake River run is doing just fine. The wild component of the Snake fall run is likely to once again reach its interim recovery level of 2,500 fish. ...more

La Niña Heading Our Way

The Northwest is expected to be wetter than normal this winter as a La Niña event is shaping up in the eastern equatorial Pacific, where significant ocean cooling has taken place, according to a Sept. 24 federal update. ...more

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