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NWF.234/July 26, 2007
Idaho Wants Niners To Re-Hear BiOp Case

The state of Idaho wants the Ninth Circuit Court to take another look at its April decision that upheld the decision in Oregon District Court that threw out the 2004 BiOp, preferably by the full court. ...more

Oregon Judge Says NMFS Dissed 'Best Available Science' In Coho Decision

A federal judge in Oregon has recommended that NMFS must take another look at its decision not to list Oregon coastal coho for ESA protection. ...more

Montana Takes Proposal On Reservoir Ops To The Mat

The state of Montana called for a meeting of federal agency executives (see story 4) after lower-level policymakers couldn't reach agreement on the timing and size of water releases from Hungry Horse and Libby reservoirs. ...more

Feds Say 'No' To Montana Plan For Late-Summer Reservoir Releases

Federal executives from action agencies--BPA, the Bureau of Reclamation, Corps of Engineers and NOAA Fisheries--have decided not to implement Montana's proposal for slowing flows out of Libby Reservoir aimed at improving conditions for resident fish. ...more

BPA Customer Groups Sound Off On Salmon Program

Representatives of several utility groups told the Northwest Power and Conservation Council last week that they should wait until the next hydro BiOp comes out before it gets serious about amending the region's fish and wildlife program. ...more

Scientists Say Ocean Is Full Of Fish

Federal scientists who have been monitoring ocean conditions off the West Coast are cautiously optimistic that this year's crop of juvenile salmon may return to the Columbia River in much higher numbers than their recent predecessors. After the blockbuster returns in the early part of the decade, ocean conditions took a turn for the worse in 2004 and didn't start to bounce back until last year. But thanks to cooler waters, more plankton and no large schools of hake to pick them off on their way to the Gulf of Alaska, the spring run could easily double or triple this year's return. ...more

Nearly 350,000 Fall Chinook Expected Back To Columbia

Columbia Basin harvest managers are expecting another good run of fall chinook, though down from recent years, with all components adding up to 347,500 fish. That's down about 18 percent from last year's return. ...more

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