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NWF.232/June 14, 2007
2006 Juvenile Fish Survival Best In Years

Juvenile fish survival through the federal hydro system in 2006 was the highest in years, about 61 percent overall for Snake River spring chinook, according to a draft report released last week by NMFS. ...more

Lower Granite Jack Count 400 Percent Of 10-Year Average

The adult spring chinook run is drawing to a close at Bonneville Dam, but a couple hundred chinook jacks (precocious males) are still passing the dam, pointing to the likely prospect of a large return next year that could materialize into one of the top three spring runs since the dam was built. ...more

States Split Over New Salmon Plan

Environmental groups, lower Columbia tribes, and the state of Oregon are thoroughly unimpressed with the latest attempt by action agencies to draft a salmon plan for recovering anadromous stocks in the Columbia Basin. But Washington, Montana and Idaho lined up behind the feds in their first step towards writing a new hydro BiOp. The Colville and Kootenai Tribes sided with the three states and the BPA customer group as well. ...more

Feds Fight Off Puget Sound Harvest Lawsuit

The federal government has filed a dense, complicated response to allegations by conservation-minded fishing groups that NOAA Fisheries didn't follow its own criteria when it determined that harvest levels for ESA-listed salmon stocks in Puget Sound do not jeopardize efforts to recover the fish--an effort that's expected to take decades. ...more

Earthjustice's Biop Bill Nearly $1 Million

Litigants in the never-ending BiOp litigation [NWF v. NMFS] have reached agreement over fees and costs due environmental attorneys for work from 2000 through Nov. 2004, a sum that adds up to $950,000. ...more

Sea Lions Digest 4 Percent Of Upriver Run

As the spring chinook run in the Columbia River has tapered off, so has predation by marine mammals on the hatchery and wild salmon that have been trickling upriver since late March. But not before they took a pretty big bite out of this year's return--about 4 percent according to preliminary numbers in a report issued by the corps of Engineers at the end of May. ...more

Little Goose Spill Changed After Test Blocks Adult Migration

The Corps of Engineers changed the spill pattern at Little Goose dam last month, after fish watchers noticed a drop in the number of chinook between Little Goose and Lower Granite dam. The change improved the adult migration almost immediately. ...more

Federal Judge Rules NMFS Hatchery Policy Illegal

A federal judge in Seattle ruled yesterday that the NMFS policy of counting certain hatchery stocks with wild fish in evolutionarily significant units is illegal. The policy was developed a few years ago to satisfy another federal judge in Oregon. ...more

Appointments Made To Fish Passage Center Oversight Board

At this week's meeting of the Northwest Power and Conservation Council, members completed the task of fleshing out the newly reconstituted board to oversee operations of the controversial Fish Passage Center. The FPC achieved a new lease on life after a decision by the Ninth Circuit Court found that BPA had improperly quashed its funding by obeying report language inserted in a Congressional spending plan by Idaho Sen. Larry Craig. ...more

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