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NWF.230/May 3, 2007
Puget Sound Cleanup May Cost Billions More Than Expected

The Washington Legislature has used part of its latest tax windfall to fund the beginnings of an ambitious program to clean up Puget Sound by 2020. ...more

Mixed Review For Lower Columbia Netpen Project

Mixed reviews were returned by independent scientists and economists who took close looks at a controversial project in the lower Columbia that supplements commercial harvest opportunities in areas where it has less impact on ESA-listed stocks. ...more

New Look For FPC Oversight Board OK'd By Power Council

The Northwest Power and Conservation Council approved membership category changes to the board that oversees actions of the Fish Passage Center. The council voted 6-2, with only Oregon members on the nay side at last month's Council meeting. ...more

Chinook Run Picks Up Speed In Columbia

Harvest managers were scratching their heads again over this year's spring chinook run in the Columbia River. With only 15,000 counted at Bonnevile Dam by April 24, they believed the run was tracking late, but showing a pattern that was more normal. And they stuck to their guns with their preseason forecast of 78,500 fish (at river mouth) at their last meeting on May 2. ...more

Elwha Dam Removal Timeline Slides Three Years

The EPA announced April 17 that it has issued a Clean Water Act permit which signals the go-ahead for building water treatment plants for the city of Port Angeles and its industrial customers, to ensure a clean supply while two dams on the nearby Elwha River are removed and the river restored, the most ambitious project of its kind yet undertaken in this country. Congress approved the project 14 years ago. ...more

State Study Clears Way For Further Condit Removal Permitting

A five-year state environmental review of PacifiCorp's plan for the removal of the 14.7 MW Condit project has been completed, opening the way for state and local permitting, including a section 401 water quality certificate. FERC has been waiting for the 401 to inform its decision on the utility's application to surrender the license for Condit, which is on the White Salmon River a few miles north of its confluence with the Columbia River in south central Washington. ...more

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