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NWF.229/April 16, 2007
Oregon Meets With Critics Over Drawdown Issue

After being hit with a public records request last month for documents dealing with its proposal to draw down John Day Pool, the state of Oregon released its analysis and held a briefing April 3 in Salem to explain it to critics. ...more

Quit Trying To Measure Latent Mortality, Says Science Panel

A panel of scientists charged with looking into the long-standing debate between Northwest salmon researchers over latent mortality says the region should quit wasting its time trying to quantify the "absolute" numbers of salmon deaths attributable to passage through the hydro system once the fish have left it. ...more

Niners Soundly Reject 2004 BiOp Appeal

The 9th Circuit Court last week issued an opinion that supported Oregon District Court Judge James Redden's May 2005 ruling that tossed out the 2004 hydro BiOp. ...more

Climate Change May Stymie Salmon Recovery Plans

Northwest scientists who juggled five different computer models to complete their analysis say that increasing temperatures could have devastating effects on local salmon populations by 2050, according to an article published earlier this month in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. ...more

Management Council Picks Ocean Harvest Option

On April 5, the Pacific Fishery Management Council picked it's mid-range option of three potential choices, for this year's chinook harvest off the Washington Coast. That means the total allowable catch for non-Indians above Cape Falcon, Oregon will be 32,500 chinook, with commercial trollers allowed to harvest about 18,000 of them. The quota is lower than other recent years due to a combination of less abundance in general, and a recommendation from NOAA fisheries to cut the harvest rate on lower Columbia tules, which are listed for protection under the Endangered Species Act. ...more

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