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NWF.227/March 8, 2007
BPA Working On "Secret" Drawdown Deal With Oregon

The Bonneville Power Administration and the state of Oregon are reportedly working on a deal to speed up fish passage this spring by dropping the elevation of the John Day Pool, the biggest reservoir in the lower Columbia. ...more

Economists Flunk Enviro Report On Economics Of Dam Breaching

A panel of independent economists that provides reviews for the Northwest Power and Conservation Council has thoroughly panned a report that says the region could save money by taking out the lower Snake dams. ...more

Spring Creek Spill Nixed For Hatchery Release

Much to the dismay of Columbia River fish managers, action agencies stuck to their guns last week and wouldn't give in to the latest call for spilling 75 kcfs for four days at Bonneville Dam to aid the passage of millions of hatchery fall chinook. The fish will be released on March 5 and March 9 from the Spring Creek Hatchery operated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. ...more

NOAA Fisheries Calls For Less Harvest On Listed Lower Columbia Chinook

NOAA Fisheries wants to cut the U.S. harvest of ESA-listed lower Columbia tule chinook by 14 percent. The recommendation came in a letter from the fish agency to the Pacific Fishery Management Council, which is beginning its annual process to weigh harvest options for the upcoming salmon season on the West Coast. ...more

Aussies Say El Niño Is Officially Over

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology announced Feb. 21 that the current El Niño is over, and that all the main El Niño-Southern Oscillation indicators "show that neutral conditions have returned to the Pacific Basin." ...more

Power Council Miffed At BPA's Final F&W Budget Decisions

With the region nearly halfway through fiscal year 2007, BPA has finally released its final budget document for fish and wildlife spending for the next three years. But after complaints from several members of the Northwest Power and Conservation Council at their meeting last month in Portland, the agency pulled back its document for a bit of wordsmithing and re-released it on Feb. 26. ...more

Enviros Petition To Raise TDG Standards In Washington For More Spill

The Save Our Wild Salmon Coalition filed a petition with the Washington Department of Ecology to raise total dissolved gas standards at Columbia and Snake river dams. Such a change would allow dam operators to boost spill in forebays now limited by a 115 percent gas cap to 120 percent, a change that enviros say could add another 4 maf to spill regimes for migrating salmon. ...more

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