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NWF.223/November 20, 2006
Corps Admits Big Foul Up In Montana Dam Operations

A combination of ESA fish obligations, optimistic computer models, and just plain bad luck all played a big role that led to flooding below Montana's Libby Dam last June, according to a U.S. Army Corp of Engineers' report released Nov. 2. ...more

A Revolution In Fish Tracking Gets Under Way

The Corps of Engineers hosted its annual research review last week in Portland, where scientists reported on the latest results in their fish survival studies in the Columbia Basin and discussed innovations in fish tracking methods that promise a revolution in fish research with the use of ever-smaller acoustic tags. ...more

CSS Study Gets One More Year Of Funding

A controversial, long-term study of hatchery salmon survival received one more year of funding at last week's meeting of the Northwest Power and Conservation Council in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, despite ongoing complaints from long-time critics like Pacific Northwest Generation Cooperative VP Scott Corwin, who said there is already enough reputable scientific review of the study to pull the plug on it altogether. ...more

Enviros Say Region Would Save Billions Without Lower Snake Dams

A report released last week by environmental groups took another shot at lower Snake River dams, and concluded that the region would save a lot of fish and billions of dollars by taking them out. But the report, recycling some materials from 10-year old dam analyses, was received by a collective yawn from the popular media. ...more

Scientist Says Dams May Not Be Limiting Fish Recovery

A presentation by a federal fisheries scientist at a conference at Yale University earlier this month has raised questions over the notion, held by many, including the federal judge overseeing the remand process of the Columbia River hydro BiOp, that ESA-listed salmon runs are still declining with the lower Snake dams in place. ...more

NOAA Says Oceans Are Cooling Temporarily

The average temperature in the upper oceans has cooled significantly since 2003, but one scientist who has studied the phenomenon says it's just a speed bump on the road to more warming, NOAA announced in late September. ...more

Idaho Senator May Try End Run Around BiOp Judge

Idaho Sen. Larry Craig's Boise office told NW Fishletter that their boss is studying ways to protect the Snake River Adjudication Agreement and by adding a legislative rider to an appropriations bill may be one way to do it. ...more

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