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NWF.222/October 31, 2006
Council Boosts Funding For Controversial Fish Survival Study, Questions Others

The Northwest Power and Conservation Council has offered more financial support to an ambitious Canadian project that tracks young salmon sporting $300 acoustic tags down rivers and up the coast to Alaska in an attempt to find out where they die. ...more

Success Of Updated Hatchery Programs Still Unproven

By relying on salmon hatcheries to boost natural runs, including some listed under the Endangered Species Act, the region may be putting all its fish eggs in one basket, according to two recent peer-reviewed articles, whose authors say the jury's still out regarding potential benefits from the hatchery supplementation effort. ...more

Snake Fall Chinook Return Beats 10-Year Average

There has been little fanfare this year for the Snake River fall chinook run, which though down from recent years, is still coming in strong compared to returns from the 1990s. ...more

BiOp Plaintiffs Charge Feds With Changing Directions In Remand

At last Friday's status conference on the hydro BiOp remand case [NWF v. NMFS]Portland, plaintiffs' attorney Todd True told U.S. District Judge James Redden his clients were concerned federal agencies were "changing horses in midstream," and sidestepping the federal agencies' so-called 'gap' analysis to estimate improvements needed to boost ESA-listed fish populations from current to viable levels. ...more

Washington Says To Limit Consumption Of Puget Sound Chinook

The state of Washington recommended last week that resident chinook (blackmouth) from Puget Sound should be eaten only twice a month because of PCB levels found in the fish. But state health officials said other chinook salmon are OK to eat once a week. ...more

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