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NWF.220/September 21, 2006
Power Council Makes Draft Recommendations For 2007-09 F&W Budget

The Northwest Power and Conservation Council voted last week to put the Bonneville Power Administration's next fish and wildlife budget up for public scrutiny. The Sept. 13 vote represented the culmination of months of work by various committees that sorted through hundreds of proposals and weighed recommendations by a scientific panel for total, partial or no funding at all, along with local input from each province in the Columbia Basin. ...more

Budget Battle Nearly Doomed Netpen Fishery Project In Lower River

A 12-year-old program that produces chinook and coho salmon in netpens in the Columbia estuary for commercial and recreational harvest nearly got lost between the cracks of the Bonneville Power Administration's ongoing budget process. But a last-minute deal between Washington and Oregon at this month's meeting of the Northwest Power and Conservation Council has likely kept it alive for another three years. ...more

Seattle Judge Dismisses Challenge To Current Harvest Practices

The lawsuit filed in Seattle district court calling on the federal government to reopen talks with Canada over fish interceptions has been dismissed. ...more

Fall Chinook Run Late And Less Than Expected

Last week, Columbia Basin harvest managers reduced their estimated of this year's upriver bright fall run by about 20 percent. It's now pegged at 199,000 fish. The group also downgraded the tule (lower Columbia) run by about 27 percent, from 52,000 to 38,000 fish. ...more

El Nino Likely Heading Our Way

The National Weather Service says the Northwest should expect a warmer and drier-than-average winter in 2006-07, courtesy of a new El Nino brewing in the equatorial Pacific. ...more

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