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NWF.219/August 24, 2006
New Report Supports Earlier Analysis Of Canadian Harvest Changes

A new report from the Pacific Salmon Commission supports a presentation made over a year ago on the impacts recent changes in Canadian chinook harvest practices have had on ESA-listed stocks in the Northwest. ...more

Feds Stick To Upper Snake Agreement In Remand

Government attorneys told BiOp Judge James Redden earlier this week how they plan to deal with the remand of the Upper Snake BiOp. The feds said they will only analyze the effects of a proposed action to add 487 kaf from the Upper Snake to flows for ESA-listed salmonids migrating in the lower Snake and Columbia. It is the amount agreed upon by all parties to the Snake River Basin Adjudication for the next 30 years, and about 60 kaf more than called for in the BiOps that have governed lower Snake operations in recent years. ...more

More Briefs, Barbs Exchanged Over Fish Passage Center

With oral arguments scheduled for Sept. 12 in the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals over the future of the controversial Fish Passage Center, a final flurry of briefs was exchanged in early August to prepare the court for the coming battle. ...more

Yakamas Sign Fish Protection Settlement With Grant County PUD

Representatives of the Yakama Nation joined Grant County PUD officials last week in signing a long-term fish protection agreement that fulfills part of the utility's relicensing requirements for its Priest Rapids Project. ...more

Feds Release Proposed Recovery Plan For Hood Canal Chum

Saying that Hood Canal chum have suffered mainly from overharvesting and habitat loss, NOAA Fisheries announced last week a plan to recover the chum, listed for protection under the ESA since 1999, that says the effort could take 50 to 100 years. Costs for the initial 10-year phase of the recovery effort are estimated at $136 million, mainly for improvements to chum habitat. ...more

WDFW Calls For Comment On Steelhead Report

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is asking for public comment on its draft assessment of steelhead populations that will lead to a new plan for managing what's left of the state's steelie stocks. ...more

Niners Tell Corps To Keep On Dredgin'

A three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court has voted 2-1 to uphold a district court opinion that said the Corps of Engineers had indeed taken a "hard look" at the factors involved in deepening the Columbia River shipping channel in its EIS, and the operation that began in 2005 may continue. The Corp's dredging project to deepen the channel three feet to allow the transit of ever-larger container ships to Portland was challenged by Northwest Environmental Advocates. ...more

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