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NWF.218/August 8, 2006
West Coast Salmon Recovery Fund Fully Restored . . . For Now

Western Washington politicians got together last month to praise the efforts of Sen. Patty Murray for restoring millions of dollars to the Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund in the latest appropriations fight in Congress. It's part of millions that were included during negotiations over the renewal of the U.S.-Canada salmon treaty in 1999, and given every year to West Coast states, Idaho, some tribes, and Alaska for restoring salmon runs. ...more

Feds Tell BiOp Judge Breaching Not In The Cards

U.S. attorneys have told a federal judge that they aren't going to include a dam breaching alternative in their quest for a court-approved solution to salmon operations at Columbia and Snake River dams. ...more

Compromise Operation Developed For Montana Reservoirs

Regional policymakers have developed a compromise for August operations at Montana's Libby and Hungry Horse reservoirs. The one-year agreement calls for drawing them both down about 10 feet by the end of August, instead of the 20 feet the hydro BiOp calls for to augment flows in the mainstem Columbia River for the outmigration of ESA-listed fish. ...more

PacifiCorp Says Klamath Dam Removal May Be OK With Them

PacifiCorp Energy president Bill Fehrman said last week that his utility wasn't opposed to removal of its projects on the Klamath River if a future settlement safeguarded the economic interests of its customers. The dam removal issue has heated up lately, with the project in the middle of a re-licensing process that has focused on improving fish runs above the dams as a probable major condition for re-licensing the project. ...more

Nearly Half Million Fall Chinook Expected In The Columbia River

Regional harvest managers produced their latest expectations for the coming fall run in the Columbia and it's pretty much in line with recent years. They are predicting about 474,000 fall chinook to return over the next couple of months, down from the 561,000-fish return last year. About 250,000 chinook are expected to return to the Hanford Reach area, close to the 10-year average. ...more

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