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NWF.210/February 22, 2006
More Salmon Scrutiny Planned By Northwest Congressmen

Three Northwest congressmen covering the Northwest in a series of hearings on salmon issues just finished their third round yesterday in Pendleton, Oregon. To gather information on the survival of returning adult salmon and steelhead, Brian Baird (D-Wash.), Norm Dicks (D-Wash.) and Greg Walden (R-Ore.) had already heard from stakeholders and fish agency personnel in October meetings in Vancouver and Tacoma. The fourth and last meeting is slated for Astoria in a couple of weeks. ...more

Washington Politicians Hammer Out Agreement On Columbia Water

Washington politicians hammered out compromise legislation over management of new water resources from the Columbia River. The new bill captured nearly every vote from both sides of the aisle last week and Gov. Chris Gregoire has promised to sign it soon. It will make legal the "no-net-loss plus" water option that has been pushed by the state's Department of Ecology for years and ends the first phase of an initiative started in 2001 by then-Gov. Gary Locke to end the gridlock over the issuance of new water rights for the Columbia River. ...more

Region Creates One Of World's Biggest Bird Feeders

The survival benefits to salmonids from moving a colony of Caspian terns further down the Columbia River may have been lost because the lower estuary cormorant population has doubled in the past few years, according to researchers from Oregon State University and Real Time Research of Bend, Ore. ...more

Waldo Hired To Ride Herd On Hatchery, Harvest Review

NOAA Fisheries announced Feb. 13 that Seattle attorney Jim Waldo will lead a collaborative review of hatcheries and harvest that affects the recovery of ESA stocks in the Columbia Basin, a new initiative announced last month by James Connaughton, chair of the White House Council for Environmental Quality. ...more

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