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NWF.208/January 16, 2006
BiOp Judge Orders More Spring Spill, Less Steelhead For Idaho

Federal District Court Judge James Redden has ruled in favor of part of a motion by environmental and fishing groups late that calls for more spring spill to help juvenile fish get over federal dams, though he called for less spill than they wanted. ...more

Feds Call For Public Comment On Puget Sound Recovery Plan

The National Marine Fisheries Service is calling for public comment on the huge, habitat-based plan for recovering Puget Sound chinook stocks developed by regional stakeholders over the past six years. The federal agency's comments, suggesting ways to make the plan more compliant with ESA requirements, were tacked on in a 42-page supplement. ...more

Sportfishers, Gillnetters Clash Over Share Of Spring Chinook Run

Sportfishers and commercial gillnetters are fighting for changes in the allocation of spring chinook catches that would give their constituents a little bigger slice of the spring chinook pie. ...more

West Coast Steelhead Status Re-Determined

The federal government has finally announced its ESA-listing determinations for 10 steelhead populations on the West Coast. As expected, all maintained their "threatened" status, except for upper Columbia steelhead, which was downgraded from "endangered" to "threatened." ...more

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