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NWF.203/October 3, 2005
Biop Judge Gives Feds One Year To Produce New Hydro BiOp

Federal District Judge James Redden said NOAA Fisheries had wasted the past two years writing its latest hydro BiOp, but he will give them another year to produce a new one. He tossed out the 2004 BiOp last May, but said last week it will stay in place until the new one is completed. ...more

BiOp Parties Have Different Ideas Over Future Remand

In the wild wacky world of salmon recovery, a new conundrum has presented itself. The Federal government may actually complete recovery plans for ESA-listed salmon stocks long before they figure out how to run the hydro system for the next 10 years. ...more

As Chinook Run Winds Down, Politics Heat Up; Salmon Hearings Scheduled

The fall chinook run on the Columbia River is drawing to a close as sporties have filled their allocation of upriver chinook and put their gear away for the season. ...more

Critical Habitat Designated For Bull Trout

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced its final rule that designates nearly 4,000 miles of Northwest streams and more than 100,000 acres of lakes and reservoirs as critical habitat for ESA-listed bull trout populations. The latest designations are in response to a court settlement with environmental groups that established a schedule for developing the critical habitat designations. ...more

Lower Snake Dredging Lawsuit Finally Dismissed

A federal judge in Seattle has approved a settlement between environmental and fishing groups and the Corps of Engineers that paves the way for the navigation channel in the lower Snake to be dredged for the first time since the winter of 1998-1999. The EIS is scheduled for completion by late 2009. ...more

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