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NWF.202/September 14, 2005
So Much Spill, So Few Fish

The summer spill regime that ended Aug. 31 at Columbia and lower Snake dams may end up costing a lot more than anyone has figured. With the added water cascading into stilling basins below the dams and eroding concrete, some of the dams are wearing out faster than anticipated. ...more

Lawsuit Planned Over Canadian Harvest Of ESA-Listed Stocks

A small coalition of utilities and sportsfishing groups has threatened to sue federal agencies if they don't re-open consultation over the Pacific Salmon Treaty. Citing new DNA catch data, they say nearly 90 percent of the fish landed by Canadian fishers off the west coast of Vancouver Island come from US waters and most are listed for protection under the Endangered Species Act. ...more

New BiOp Talks Shaping Up To Satisfy Judge

What's next for the hydro BiOp? That depends on who you talk to. With U.S. District Judge James Redden calling for collaboration between all parties on issues like flow augmentation, and scheduling a status conference for Sept. 30, regional participants have different ideas on what should be done next. ...more

Montana, Kootenai Join Biop Fray

Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer has announced that his state will join the ongoing litigation over the 2004 hydro BiOp (NWF vs. NMFS). Other Northwest states have been intervenors in the latest courtroom battle over future operations of the federal hydro system that began after a 2002 mediation effort failed. The Kootenai Tribe of Idaho has also intervened on the side of the federal government. ...more

Business Coalition Weighs In On Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Effort

The Puget Sound ESA Business Coalition has filed initial comments about the region's draft salmon recovery plan developed by a huge collaboration of local governments, state, tribal federal agencies, and watershed groups. ...more

Terry Flores Named Director Of Northwest River Partners

Terry Flores, director of hydro relicensing for PacifiCorp, has been chosen to lead a new coalition of Bonneville Power Administration customer groups, river users and irrigators called Northwest River Partners. ...more

Big Fish Days At Bonneville Dam

The fall chinook run in the Columbia River has finally picked up, abating concern that the run might be more than just late this year. Nearly 124,000 fish were counted going past Bonneville Dam in the past week alone, along with several recent 23,000-plus days, adding up about 276,000 fish so far. Last year, about 350,000 chinook had passed the dam by Sept. 12. ...more

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