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NW FishNet is the anchor site for Energy NewsData's Pacific Northwest Fish & Wildlife public purposes news and information.

NW Fishletter is the most authoritative source of NW fish & wildlife policy and science available online. This twice-monthly publication reports news stories with hyperlinks to relevent documents--policy correspondence, legal pleadings, reports, news releases, news stories in newspapers and magazines, study summaries and policy papers. The Fishletter Archive contains past issues of NW Fishletter and a search engine.

FishWire is a news service which delivers a summary billboard of Fishletter stories as each issue is published. It also sends out breaking news stories and reports of special interest. If you would like to be on the FishWire list, send e-mail to with your name and e-mail address in the body.

FishWEB is Energy NewsData's Online Guide to Pacific Northwest Salmon recovery. Its headline feature is FishCount, a daily report of the number of adult chinooks and jacks currently returning to the Columbia and Snake Rivers.