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Dear Con.WEB readers:

Con.WEB is now on development hiatus as NewsData with the support of the NW Energy Efficiency Alliance and others is working to transform and refocus an online publication that began tracking conservation and demand management as the Conservation Monitor print publication in 1991.

Conservation Monitor played a key role with the Northwest Power Planning Council in determining just how much conservation had been acquired in earlier years. After going online as Con.WEB in the mid-1990s, NewsData added coverage of renewables.

We are now creating a Con.WEB successor publication and Website focused on dynamics of the regional energy resource portfolio. Tentatively called Portfolio Northwest, the new monthly will track the entire regional supply & demand resource portfolio (including energy alternatives & renewables) in plans, forecasts, development and deployment. The Portfolio Website will include indexed access to back issues of Con.WEB.

Demand coverage will pay special attention to energy service providers and trade allies by means of detailed case studies of successful efficiency measures and projects. News items will cite references and resources for building skills and information and will provide networking and bidding opportunities. The publication will coordinate coverage with the Northwest Energy Efficiency Council and act as an ongoing contact between NEEA service providers/trade allies and efficiency funding sources.

We think comprehensive resource coverage will be of special importance because of the Northwest Power & Conservation Council's emphasis on conservation in its new 5th Power Plan, as well as BPA's prospective resource deficits.

PNW will circulate initially to the region's definitive Con.WEB list of 3,000 energy industry and stakeholder readers interested in demand-side affairs.

As one of eight publications produced by Energy NewsData, it will be included in the Dispatch News Service distribution along with Clearing Up, California Energy Markets, Energy Prospects, Western Price Survey, NW Fishletter, FishWEB and Relicensing Review. That service has undergone major development and is now logging 175,000 monthly circulation hits and 18,000 monthly sessions (multiple Website searches). NewsData will announce details as these become available, which may include a preview issue. Thank you for your support of Con.WEB and stay tuned for Portfolio Northwest.

Cyrus NoŽ, CEO and Publisher
Energy NewsData

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