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The EnerNet Web site is produced by Energy NewsData, an energy information services and publishing company based in Seattle and San Francisco, with support by utility companies and energy industry organizations and agencies.

EnerNet is an active and comprehensive guide to the energy industry in Western North America, with emphasis on the Northwest Power Pool area and special features focused on the four states that comprise the Pacific Northwest.

The HUB Institutional index and atlas for Northwest Power Pool area industry, associates and stake holders. The HUB also features Quick links. Fishletter: Reporting fortnightly on Pacific Northwest fish and wildlife policy and science news, this publication is one which makes as much use of Web resources as any on the World Wide Web.
Fish.NET: Pacific Northwest Fish & Wildlife policy development and news and Web information. Hosts NW Fishletter. Con.WEB: The Internet successor to Conservation Monitor, reporting regional conservation and demand-side management news.


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