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[CU 1804 / June 16, 2017]

BPA Draft ROD: 5.5-Percent Power Rate Hike; Spill Surcharge Proposal Coming

The draft Record of Decision in BPA’s BP-18 rate case says the expected average power rate increase will be around 5.5 percent, considerably higher than the 3.5-percent included in the initial proposal seven months ago. The impact of court-ordered spill next year will be described in a supplemental release due June 21. The bulk of the immediate reactions, however, were directed at the decision to keep intact the Montana Intertie rate.

Privatizing Grid a Bad Idea, McCullough Report Says

Economist Robert McCullough has put numbers to the regional pushback against the Trump administration’s budget proposal to sell BPA’s grid, which McCullough says greatly undervalues the system, would increase costs for consumers and would likely raise steep regulatory hurdles. Politicians, industry groups and ratepayers are correct to criticize this proposal, he concludes.

Avista Proposes Spreading Idaho Rate Increase Over Two Years

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Avista has asked the Idaho PUC to approve increases in its electric and natural gas base rates over two consecutive years to recover costs related to power supply and to infrastructure, system maintenance and technology, the company said. The proposal would also establish a “stay-out” period in which Avista would not file a new general rate case with an effective date earlier than Jan. 1, 2020. This would provide customers “with some predictability in their expected future energy prices,” the company said in its filing.

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  • PGE Makes ACEEE’s Efficient Utilities Top-10 List; PSE Ranks 15th
  • Bainbridge Island Council Ends Municipal Utility Movement
  • Council Approves Spending for Habitat and Sturgeon Projects
  • Tacoma’s New Women’s Resource Group Holds First Meeting

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