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[CU 1838 / February 16, 2018]

NW Condemns Trump Call to Sell BPA Grid, Charge Market Rates for Power

Condemnations of President Donald Trump’s latest call to privatize BPA’s transmission assets came swiftly in the Northwest after the idea appeared in his proposed fiscal year 2019 budget released Feb. 12. But unlike last year’s proposal, this one also included authority to charge market rates for power, rather than the wholesale rates now mandated by federal law.

Washington Carbon Tax Bill Crawling Along; Some Energy, Climate Bills Clear Cutoff

A tweaked version of Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s proposed carbon tax received a public hearing before the Senate Ways and Means Committee Feb. 15, as it took another small step toward a possible vote on the Senate floor. Meanwhile, the Feb. 14 cutoff for most other bills to have been moved to the opposite chamber has culled the multitude of energy, climate and utilities measures that once numbered nearly 90, to a mere dozen.

Oregon Cap-and-Trade Bills Passed Out of Committee

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A pair of cap-and-trade bills remained alive in the second week of the 2018 Oregon legislative session, after being voted out of committee Feb. 14 along party lines. The movement of Senate Bill 1507 and House Bill 4001 was a victory for climate activists, but the measures face a long journey during the short session and stiff opposition from the state’s IOUs and businesses.

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