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Clearing Up

Clearing Up is the definitive weekly newsletter update on energy policy, resource development and energy market news in the Pacific Northwest region and western Canada. It is nearly as common to the regional energy industry as kilowatts.

Headquartered in Seattle, NewsData has published Clearing Up to cover Northwest energy issues since 1982, when publisher Cyrus Noë first began reporting on the troubles of the Washington Public Power Supply System’s terminated nuclear plants 4 and 5 and an 88- utility obligation of $2.25 billion in borrowed bond money.

Clearing Up developed to cover energy affairs generally in the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia and Alberta.

Clearing Up's editors and veteran reporters bring experience and understanding of energy issues to the newsletter. The result is reliable, accurate reporting with an eye for detail, relevance and, when it works, a sense of humor.

Cyrus Noë "Mr. Cyrus Noë is a key figure in Pacific Northwest energy affairs. His weekly publication, Clearing Up, provides comprehensive coverage of and valuable insights into events affecting the region's energy utilities' operations. . . . By providing clear, simple, and sometimes humorous examples and explanations, he serves as a mentor and teacher for all those interested in understanding the Northwest energy situation. His increasing voice and influence have made Mr. Noë a regional leader in this important field."

1989 Administrator's Award for Exceptional Public Service - Bonneville Power Administration

NewsData invites you to browse through this week's Clearing Up table of contents and top three stories, and to contact us for subscription and other information.

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