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California Energy Markets / This Week

[CEM 1386 / May 20, 2016]

PANC Forum Focuses on CAISO Expansion

The expansion of CAISO into a regional transmission organization is unfolding as one of the biggest energy issues in the West, as stakeholders grapple with how to set up a fair and equitable governance structure, how to allocate costs, and how to ensure each state can protect its own energy policies.

Natural Gas, Coal and Renewables Bills on the Move

Just past the halfway point on California's 2016 legislative calendar, natural gas-related bills are setting the pace in Sacramento. After Gov. Jerry Brown last week signed a bill to continue a moratorium on injections at SoCal Gas' troubled Aliso Canyon facility, more gas safety and enforcement bills crossed committee hurdles this week.

FERC Won't Budge on EIM Market Power Tests

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FERC on May 19 denied a request by NV Energy and PacifiCorp to rehear a decision that set market-power tests for participation in the energy imbalance market administered by CAISO. Due to the nature of the EIM, a seller could engage in withholding, FERC stated.

Also In California Energy Markets This Week . . .

  • County Releases Test Results From Porter Ranch Homes
  • Full Appeals Court to Hear CPP Case
  • Oxnard Moves to Keep Puente, Other Plants Off Its Coast
  • Edison Launches EV Charging Pilot Program

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