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[CEM 1474 / February 9, 2018]

CPUC Adopts New IRP Framework, Opts to Move CCA RA Review Process

California utilities have a new procurement-planning process to follow with the California Public Utilities Commission’s adoption of an integrated resource planning framework that is expected to help propel the state toward its clean-energy goals. The IRP framework includes a two-year planning cycle and introduces a 42 MMT greenhouse-gas emissions target by 2030 for electric utilities. The commission also approved a new review process to ensure community choice aggregators follow resource-adequacy requirements.

CAISO Market Monitor Pulls Support for Tariff Proposal

The California Independent System Operator’s Department of Market Monitoring has withdrawn its support for a CAISO tariff proposal that would amend the compensation package for risk-of-retirement capacity-procurement mechanisms, claiming the tariff could create market inefficiencies and undermine California’s resource-adequacy program.

Glendale Conflicted on Proposal to Repower Grayson Power Plant

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The City of Glendale continues to grapple with the question of whether or not to modernize the aging 267 MW Grayson power plant with new natural gas-fired units in order to meet the city’s energy and reliability requirements. The Glendale City Council, which will ultimately decide the fate of the controversial $500 million repowering project, is weighing the results of an environmental review process as well as feedback from residents who believe the city should do more to explore clean-energy alternatives.

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