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[CEM 1518 / December 14, 2018]

CARB Requires Zero-Emission Buses, Approves Electrify America Plan

The California Air Resources Board on Dec. 14 voted to require all new transit buses in the state to be battery or fuel-cell electric starting in 2029. At a two-day meeting, CARB also approved Electrify America’s second $200-million investment plan for zero-emission vehicle infrastructure, despite concerns that key metrics for monitoring the plan are lacking and that it doesn’t invest enough in rural communities. And CARB amended California’s cap-and-trade program to contain costs to 2030.

State Regulators Delve Into Utility De-Energization Rules

The California Public Utilities Commission is taking a closer look at rules governing proactive utility de-energization of power lines, as a two-year period of especially deadly wildfires in the state draws to a close. The agency launched a new rulemaking at its Dec. 13 meeting to examine de-energization policies, including ensuring utilities effectively coordinate with first responders and minimizing impacts on vulnerable customers.

Washington Governor’s Clean-Energy Plan Would Kill Fossil-Fuel Power by 2045

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Washington Gov. Jay Inslee rolled out a clean-energy proposal for the coming legislative session that includes phasing out coal-fired electricity generation by 2025—even if imported from out of state—and eliminating all fossil-fuel-fired generation by 2045. The plan would eliminate nearly 16 million metric tons of carbon emissions and meet a reduction target in state law.

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