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[CEM 1344 / July 24, 2015]

IID Suit Contends Cal-ISO Uses Monopoly Power

The Imperial Irrigation District has sued the California Independent System Operator, claiming the grid operator has intentionally stymied IID's ability to send renewable generation from its balancing area into Cal-ISO's service area. The district contends Cal-ISO suddenly and without warning slashed the maximum import capability from IID's balancing area-after the district spent nearly $35 million on Cal-ISO-approved upgrades to the Path 42 transmission line-and that Cal-ISO also tried to divert generation directly to the Cal-ISO grid that should have been connected through IID.

CPUC Blocks 'BUGs' From Demand-Response Auction

The CPUC has blocked fossil-fueled backup generation from taking part in a new demand-response pilot. At a July 23 business meeting, the commission unanimously approved an alternate resolution which proclaimed that fossil-fired backup generators (BUGs) run counter to CPUC policy and noted that the commission has the ability to bar them in a DR program.

Stakeholders Weigh In on Proposed Changes to CEC's RPS Regulation

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As the CEC moves to finalize modifications to its renewables portfolio standard enforcement regulations for publicly owned utilities, those utilities and other stakeholders weighed in on the final language. While POUs largely supported revisions to the definition of the term "bundled," energy producers took issue with the proposed language. Public utilities also had problems with a provision that enables the CEC to be involved in the determination of penalties for POU noncompliance with the RPS. Currently that falls under the jurisdiction of the California Air Resources Board.

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