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[CEM 1300 / September 12, 2014]

Energy-Storage Road Map Needs Directions

Even as investor-owned utilities are readying requests for offers for the first portion of a 1.3 GW-by-2020 storage target, a large number of barriers exist to bringing storage to market smoothly. Stakeholders at a recent Cal-ISO workshop on creating an "energy storage road map" discussed difficulties with interconnection, rate structure, and costs of storage technology. As the workshop underscored, there is a long way to go, but agency representatives hope the road map will not only identify the issues but also the appropriate agency to address them.

CPUC Outlines Plans for Distributed Resources

A new case at the CPUC looks to lay out ways to bulk up distributed energy resources such as renewables, energy efficiency and storage. Parties in the proceeding highlighted areas to focus on as utilities develop plans for those resources, including ownership of projects; recovery of costs; identifying the best locations for resources; and detailing the value and benefits of the resources.

PG&E, NRC Reiterate Seismic Safety of Diablo Canyon

New seismic work done in the area around the Diablo Canyon power plant shows the nuclear plant remains seismically safe and "able to withstand the largest potential earthquakes in the region," plant owner and operator Pacific Gas & Electric said in a new report. PG&E's new study comes as federal officials at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission rejected a call to shut down the plant pending a license-amendment process to account for new seismic information.

State Developing Compliance Plan for Proposed EPA Power-Plant CO2 Rule

State officials have revealed the results of a preliminary analysis that shows California's current mix of energy and environmental programs is likely more than sufficient to bring the state into compliance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's proposal to regulate carbon-dioxide emissions from existing power plants. However, a number of strategic decisions have yet to be made as the state grapples with developing a federally enforceable compliance plan, officials noted at a Sept. 9 Clean Power Plan workshop.

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