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[CEM 1391 / June 24, 2016]

PG&E Commits to Replacing Diablo Canyon Power With GHG-Free Resources

In a surprise move, Pacific Gas & Electric said it would retire the 2,240 MW Diablo Canyon power plant, California’s only operating nuclear facility, in 2025, and replace it with a portfolio of energy efficiency, energy storage, and renewables. In a joint proposal with unions and environmental groups the utility had previously butted heads with, PG&E proposed a $350 million employee retention and retraining program, and said it would pay San Luis Obispo County $50 million for the loss of future tax payments.

CPUC Revamps SGIP, Interconnection; Approves IOU Rate Hikes

The CPUC this week adopted big changes to the Self-Generation Incentive Program to address program flaws and increase grid-reliability benefits. The commission also improved utility interconnection processes for distributed generation by adopting a so-called cost envelope; approved a big increase in Pacific Gas & Electric’s gas-transmission revenue requirement; and green-lighted a settlement for the San Diego Gas & Electric and Southern California Gas Co. rate cases.

CARB Reports Decline in State’s Greenhouse-Gas Emissions

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California is on track to meet its 2020 goal for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, according to the state’s latest GHG inventory. Overall, GHG emissions have dropped by 9.4 percent since peak levels in 2004, the California Air Resources Board reported. But emissions attributable to in-state generation increased.

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