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California Energy Markets / This Week

[CEM 1362 / November 25, 2015]

Corporate Purchases of Renewable Energy Balloon

Utilities aren't the only ones buying renewable energy. Corporations have signed renewable-energy contracts totaling 2 GW thus far in 2015, a significant increase over 2014, when companies signed contracts for 1.2 GW of utility-scale wind and solar, the Rocky Mountain Institute reports. Corporations today are said to have "unparalleled access" to bilateral agreements with utility-scale renewable-energy facilities, providing a means for greening energy portfolios and reaping financial benefits.

Distribution Transformation on Horizon

Parties are plotting the path for addressing changes to the distribution grid as more distributed energy resources come on line and utilities seek to modernize their systems. Parties pushed for close coordination with other distribution-related efforts, avoiding utility attempts at "gold-plating" their grids, identifying grid investments that distributed resources help to defer, considering new business models, and ensuring utilities' competitive neutrality.

Stakeholders Weigh In on IEPR

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Pacific Gas & Electric, the largest investor-owned utility in the state, generally supported the findings and recommendations in the 2015 Draft Integrated Energy Policy Report, but asked the CEC to clarify that meeting the state's aggressive greenhouse-gas-reduction goals requires an integrated approach and solutions at the least cost to customers. The draft IEPR assesses major energy trends and issues and lays out policy recommendations. Other issues that attracted comment include transmission planning, reliability, and procurement transparency.

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