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[CEM 1395 / July 22, 2016]

CPUC Opens Penalty Consideration Phase in Long Beach Outage Case

A year-long investigation at the California Public Utilities Commission identified multiple systemic failures by Southern California Edison that led to two lengthy outages in Long Beach last summer. The agency has opened a penalty-consideration case against the utility for the outages last July and August, which affected as many as 30,000 customers. Edison is facing fines and penalties of up to $50,000 per day, per violation.

SDG&E to Establish Division for CCA-Related Marketing, Lobbying

San Diego Gas & Electric would be the first investor-owned utility in the state to establish a division to engage in community choice aggregation-related marketing and lobbying activities under a controversial plan that is awaiting consideration by the California Public Utilities Commission. SDG&E says the division is needed to facilitate “healthy discussion” on CCA. Opponents say SDG&E’s true aim is to limit competition.

CAISO Proposes Smaller Role for California in Expansion

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Responding to criticism that its proposal for governance of a regional ISO is too California-centric, the California Independent System Operator eliminated the role of a California-dominated interim committee. In a revised set of principles for governance of the regional entity, CAISO also addressed preservation of state authority, and offered a kind of compromise on who can file new tariff amendments and when they can do it.

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