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[CEM 1372 / February 12, 2016]

Lawmakers Concerned Over Regional Grid Impacts

As Cal-ISO and PacifiCorp continue working toward a merger that will combine the two largest electric transmission grids in the Western U.S., California lawmakers have expressed concerns over how such a combination might impact the Golden State's autonomy over energy efficiency, demand response, distributed energy resources, and clean energy. As Cal-ISO continues analyzing impacts, legislators want to ensure California retains its authority, as well as clean-energy investments in the state.

CEC Denies License Extension for Palen, Adopts IEPR

The California Energy Commission at a Feb. 10 business meeting voted unanimously to reject a petition to give the new owner of the Palen solar plant more time to develop the project using photovoltaic technology. The denial ends the lengthy and convoluted Palen proceeding, and forces new owner Maverick Solar to restart the complex permitting process. The CEC also adopted the 2015 Integrated Energy Policy Report, in which the commission makes energy-policy recommendations and assesses major energy trends and issues.

CARB to Establish New Regulation for State's Oil and Gas Facilities

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The California Air Resources Board proposed a new regulation aimed at tackling fugitive and vented methane emissions from oil and gas facilities in the state. The regulation would facilitate early detection of large methane leaks at new and existing oil and gas operations, with an eye toward preventing or minimizing the type of catastrophic leak that occurred at Aliso Canyon. Provisions focus on such areas as monitoring, leak detection and leak repair.

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