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[CEM 1399 / August 19, 2016]

Utility Safety: Only So Much the CPUC Can Do?

In the latest of a long history of utility safety issues, the California Public Utilities Commission fined Pacific Gas & Electric $25.6 million for gas-distribution recordkeeping lapses over the years. The commission also issued a decision that takes a forward-looking approach to safety in utility rate cases through a new risk-assessment model.

Edison Gets OK for West of Devers Transmission Upgrades

Southern California Edison received the green light from the CPUC for its West of Devers project, which will replace or upgrade 220 kV transmission lines in San Bernardino and Riverside counties. Meanwhile, San Diego Gas & Electric received an OK to market against community choice aggregators.

CPUC Reform Package Revamped

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Assm. Mike Gatto has released a significantly revamped bill to reform the California Public Utilities Commission following a series of ethics lapses and major disasters at regulated energy facilities. Amended in the Senate on Aug. 17 and Aug. 10, AB 2903 now reflects a June 27 deal between Gov. Jerry Brown, Sens. Mark Leno and Jerry Hill, and Gatto to overhaul the embattled energy regulator.

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