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California Energy Markets / This Week

[CEM 1323 / February 27, 2015]

West Worries About Clean Power Plan Deadlines

Many Western states aren't likely to make the interim goals of the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed Clean Power Plan, and may not be able to make the final deadline if state compliance plans call for adding major transmission lines or pipelines. That was the message FERC heard at a regional conference on the carbon-reduction plan held in Denver this week.

Sonoma Clean Power Sets Floating Solar Project Deal

Sonoma Clean Power is set to take the plunge on a relatively novel approach to electricity generation with the purchase of 12.5 MW from a "floating solar" project, under development by Pristine Sun. The project entails the installation of solar modules on docks that will float on treated wastewater ponds in Sonoma County, allowing for the use of low-cost, "disturbed" sites for energy production. The price for power generated by the project is said to be competitive with some land-based projects in the Central Valley.

CPUC Diverts Multi-Year RA, Details Distribution Resource Planning

The CPUC will suspend its consideration of multi-year resource adequacy requirements, noting the lack of need for such a measure right now as well as an effort to consider flexible-capacity requirements. Commissioners also discussed efforts in another case to guide utilities in planning to integrate energy efficiency, demand response, electric vehicles and other resources onto the distribution grid. That planning effort will entail identifying the best locations for resources and determining the value of those resources at different locations.

CEC Adopts 2014 IEPR, Approves $28 Million in Efficiency, Biofuel and Natural Gas Projects

The California Energy Commission adopted the 2014 Integrated Energy Policy Report Update, which for this year focused mainly on transportation and moving the state closer to energy and clean-air goals. The commission, at its Feb. 25 business meeting, also approved nearly $28 million in new funding for more than a dozen energy-efficiency, biofuel and natural gas projects. It also approved an emergency rule change in its advanced fuels and vehicle technology program, to allow recipients to receive the full value of emissions credits from projects built with program funding.

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