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[CEM 1383 / April 29, 2016]

Western Utility Regulators Focus on Possible CAISO Expansion Governance

With the prospect of a Westwide independent system operator growing, state utility commissioners convened last week in Salt Lake City with gubernatorial reps and others to compare notes and get a handle on the fast-moving process. Key issues were governance, FERC filing rights, and resource adequacy.

When to Reopen Aliso?

Scientists, regulators and natural gas storage-well operators this week updated lawmakers on the status of Southern California Gas Co.'s compromised Aliso Canyon gas-storage facility and the safety of the state's other 13 active gas-storage fields. SoCal Gas expects a review of Aliso Canyon to allow the field back on line by late summer. But a bill from Sen. Fran Pavley would continue a moratorium until the state certifies it as safe.

A Call for More Analysis on Aliso Canyon Options

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The massive, four-month natural gas and methane leak at Aliso Canyon could lead to rolling blackouts this summer and winter. Different stakeholders responded to a draft reliability plan by pushing to move the state's electrical system away from reliance on natural gas-or to reopen the field to injections as soon as possible.

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