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[CEM 1310 / November 21, 2014]

Hoover Hydropower at Risk as Drought Shrinks Lake Mead

Southwestern electric power managers are getting worried as the elevation of the reservoir at Hoover Dam slowly sinks lower. The reservoir was at 1,085 feet on Nov. 19 and power generation might be curtailed when it reaches 1,000 feet. That would force some utilities that rely on Hoover to pay nearly twice as much for power from the market.

CPUC Penalizes PG&E Over Gas Records, Emails

The CPUC this week hit Pacific Gas & Electric with a $1 million fine for the utility's "judge shopping" revealed through recently released emails. But stakeholders said the amount would do little to deter such rules violations. The CPUC also slapped the utility with a $10.85 million citation over a natural gas explosion at a vacant house earlier this year, and opened a new investigation into PG&E's gas distribution system and records, noting several problematic incidents over the past few years.

Imperial Irrigation District Approves 7.4 Percent Rate Increase

The Imperial Irrigation District will raise electric service base rates for the first time in 20 years starting in January in an effort to better align revenues and costs. The 7.4 percent average increase across all customer classes will help IID green its energy supply, initiate a number of capital projects and build cash reserves so the public utility can maintain healthy credit ratings.

Workshop Looks at SoCal Gas Reliability

The CEC has started work on a natural gas report that is expected to identify ways to maximize the benefits of natural gas and biomethane as fuel sources. At the first of a series of workshops related to the report, CEC staff and stakeholders looked at natural gas infrastructure, storage and supply issues, including reliability issues in Southern California Gas' territory. At present there are four competing pipeline proposals to address natural gas reliability in the southern portion of SoCal Gas' territory.

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