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California Energy Markets / This Week

[CEM 1326 / March 20, 2015]

Monopoly for EV Charging Equipment?

Consumer, electric-vehicle and other groups want a CPUC proceeding to look into whether Pacific Gas & Electric's proposal for owning and installing EV infrastructure could monopolize the market. The groups also want a closer review of costs and of who might benefit from the ratepayer-funded effort. Parties raised questions over PG&E's proposal, which would cost more than $650 million, and suggested that the utility propose a smaller pilot program.

LADWP Analysis Evaluates Power System Performance

The Los Angeles Department of Water & Power reported on March 17 the findings of a high-level benchmarking analysis that evaluates the operations and costs associated with the public utility's power system. LADWP ranks high compared to peers in categories such as reliability and total operations and maintenance expenses per customer, according to the study, but low when it comes to power-distribution O&M costs, uncollectible expenses, and electric-system energy losses. The public utility is using the analysis as a road map to drive cost savings and improve efficiencies.

City of Riverside Sourcing Power From New Local Energy Projects

The City of Riverside is driving investment in local energy projects that put to use a broad range of technologies and sites, including a fuel cell at a wastewater-treatment plant, thermal energy storage on building rooftops, and solar photovoltaics at a capped landfill. The projects are enhancing local reliability and providing clean power while having minimal environmental impact, according to Riverside Public Utilities, characteristics the city is emphasizing as it aims to build a greener, yet still affordable, energy portfolio.

New Mexico Legislators Stop Move to Lower Renewables Requirements

New Mexico's House of Representatives passed a bill to lower the state's renewables portfolio standard to 15 percent from the 20 percent currently required by 2020. But a Senate committee shelved the measure.

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