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[CEM 1318 / January 23, 2015]

San Francisco and PG&E Tangle Over Distribution Services Agreement

The City of San Francisco and Pacific Gas & Electric are rumbling over a soon-to-expire interconnection agreement and the fairness of a proposed replacement. The current agreement, which expires in July, allows approximately 100 MW of customer load to receive power generated by the city's Hetch Hetchy system via PG&E wires and distribution facilities. PG&E and the city, engaged in negotiations since 2013, have failed to settle on key terms, setting the stage for a final showdown at FERC.

More Transmission Options for SONGS Studied

An updated report by Aspen Environmental Group evaluates three new transmission line routes into Southern California to deal with reliability issues related to the closure of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station and the need to move renewable power from the Imperial Valley. In total, 13 transmission-corridor alternatives have been examined, but most of them would be difficult to site due to environmental and other issues.

Cap and Trade Deemed a Success in Analysis by Environmental Group

California's cap-and-trade program is proving it is possible to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions while spurring economic growth, a new analysis by the Environmental Defense Fund concludes. EDF points to an increase in California's gross domestic product of over 2 percent in 2013 and job growth that outpaced the national average, even as capped emissions declined.

PNM's Proposal to Keep Stake in Coal-Fired Power Plant Loses Supporters

Three stakeholder groups ended their support for PNM's proposal for partially closing the San Juan Generating Station as PNM sought to increase its ownership stake in the remaining two units of the coal-fired power plant.

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