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California Energy Markets
This Week in California Energy Markets
Updated: October 9, 2015
  • SB 350, Now Law, Will Boost Renewables, Energy Efficiency and EVs ...
  • State Lays Groundwork for Achieving 2030 GHG Emissions-Reduction Target ...
  • San Luis Obispo County Joins Regional CCA Exploration Effort ...
Ambitious Energy Bills Forget Economic Impact on Consumers
Updated: September 16, 2015
With a week left for the California Legislature to pass bills, up for consideration are two of the most ambitious energy measures the state has ever considered.
Clearing Up
This Week in Clearing Up
Updated: October 9, 2015
  • A Second Washington Climate Initiative Is in the Works...
  • Oregon Ballot Initiatives Launched to Limit Coal Imports, Step Up RPS...
  • Ruling Finds No Evidence BPA Discriminated Against Veteran...
OmniUtility Co. -- For All Your Energy Shopping Needs
Updated: September 16, 2015
Corporate structure has been an issue for utilities -- not just for those who own and operate them, but for those who regulate, compete or do business with them -- for about as long as there have been utilities.
Western Price Survey
California Power Prices Up; Nat. Gas Values Still Struggling
Updated: October 9, 2015
California power values rose this week in response to an October heat wave, but Western natural gas prices remain constrained by a combination of greater production and generally milder temperatures elsewhere in the continental United States.


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