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California Energy Markets
This Week in California Energy Markets
Updated: September 12, 2014
  • Energy-Storage Road Map Needs Directions ...
  • CPUC Outlines Plans for Distributed Resources ...
  • PG&E, NRC Reiterate Seismic Safety of Diablo Canyon ...
  • State Developing Compliance Plan for Proposed EPA Power-Plant CO2 Rule ...
Why the Retail Grid Can't Be Like Uber
Updated: September 9, 2014
There's a lot of hype out there about distributed generation and energy storage usurping the utility business model. A recent article from the Rocky Mountain Institute, "An Airbnb or Uber for the Electricity Grid," opines that distributed generation and energy storage will allow "a massive platform for shared economy businesses."
Clearing Up
This Week in Clearing Up
Updated: September 12, 2014
  • Ambre, Port of Morrow, Wyoming Appeal Denial of Coyote Island Permit...
  • NW Natural Says Uncertainties Complicated Resource Planning...
  • Seattle City Light Considers Joining an Energy Imbalance Market...
  • PSE to Share Proceeds From Jefferson County Service Territory Sale...
Shedding Light on Another Headache for Electric Utilities
Updated: September 9, 2014
Pity the poor electric utility executive or financial planner who is confronted each week with reports detailing the many and growing threats to the selling of power to consumers and businesses: Conservation. Independent micro-grids. Industries producing their own juice. Residential customers doing the same.
Western Price Survey
Wild Weather Boosts Western Prices
Updated: September 12, 2014
Western energy prices benefited from weird weather during the week. From heavy, wet snowfall in Canada to wild winds in Washington and Oregon and heat in California, Mother Nature provided a roller-coaster ride for power prices.

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