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California Energy Markets
This Week in California Energy Markets
Updated: November 17, 2017
  • Legal Troubles Mount for PG&E in Wine Country Wildfires...
  • SFPUC Powers Up for Major Expansion of CCA Program...
  • Report: California a Decade Ahead of RPS Goal...
Sonoma Vineyard Evacuated in Recent Wildfires Highlights Microgrid Benefits
Updated: November 15, 2017
Craig Wooster, project manager and general contractor at Stone Edge Farm Estate Vineyards & Winery in Sonoma, did not even realize a number of wildfires were raging just a few miles from his home when his phone rang at about 5:15 on the morning of Oct. 9.
Clearing Up
This Week in Clearing Up
Updated: November 17, 2017
  • BLM Signs Boardman-to-Hemingway Record of Decision...
  • Solar, Batteries, Non-Wires, Energy Efficiency Dominate PSE 2017 IRP...
  • PGE Revises, Trims Renewables Request in IRP...
On Change, Industry Basics, and Customer Interests
Updated: November 15, 2017
Several themes emerged at the CUB Policy Conference on Oct. 13, including the accelerating pace of electric-industry change, industry fundamentals with recent overlays, customer interests and increasing interconnectedness.
Western Price Survey
Cold Start to November Could Buoy U.S. Natural Gas Prices
Updated: November 17, 2017
A colder start to November has prompted homes and businesses across the country to turn on the heat, triggering the first net natural gas withdrawals from storage.


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